A Beginners Guide To Bouvier Des Flandres Dogs

Have you just acquired a Bouvier des Flandres dog and do not know where to begin, well, do not worry. We are here to give you tips that will make it a smooth experience. It is not difficult to take care of these dogs, but it can be when you have no clear guidelines.

Tips On Where To Start


As you know this is no small dog. Its big size will only mean that it needs to be fed accordingly to maintain its excellent weight. Also, this is a very active dog. What this means is that the supply of food must be excellent. Also, it is advised to feed this dog twice or thrice in a day. Do not just give it one big meal because it may result in gastric torsion which can be critical.


This is a very furry dog. Sometimes it can display ‘shaggy dog syndrome.’ With all the fur that the dog has, you have to ensure that you take care of it with excellence and as often as you can. Always clean it and brush it as often as you can. At least once a week will avoid any tangles. Also, trim the furs at least once a year is excellent. Take care of their nails also. Give them a cutting and filing after a while. Brush their teeth as often as you can.


The Bouvier des Flandres is a very active dog, and this is especially when they are young. Therefore, always prioritize their exercises. Come up with a walking schedule on a daily basis to keep them active and healthy. Also, play with them as often as you can. This will keep them occupied and happy. These dogs can also be a little destructive when they are idle.


Train your dog to listen to you and to obey you. Bouvier Des Flandres are dogs that can be stubborn and disobedient. Therefore, it is vital that you teach them about obedience. They may love you so much but when they do not feel the need to respect you; they will do what they want. You can teach them by using positive and negative reinforcements. Be firm with your decisions and accompany the firmness with body language, gestures, and expressions. This is a fact that training is an essential part in every endeavor, not to mention the Redshaw Plumbing which always show expertise on their niche as part of their training.

Teach Them Human Language:

There are some very simple words that you can teach your dog so that you can communicate better. Words like come, sit, go, out, no, down, run, and the rest are so easy for animals to master. You can try to incorporate actions while using these words until the dog understands exactly what you mean. This makes communication very easy. Bouvier des Flandres dogs are excellent dogs to have. They are loving, loyal, and very intelligent. They are easy to learn things, and that makes things even better. That means that you will not have a difficult time with this dog as long as you take proper care of it and teach it respect. You will enjoy having this do; trust me.