It must be said that when it comes to a dog breed as the Bouviers Des Flandres, there are some defining characteristics that makes them stand apart. True, all dogs are loyal but there are some breeds that are more expressive while there are those breeds that are openly antagonistic of people as well. Thus when a person wants to get a particular breed, it is important that a proper understanding of the very fine details of the dog’s character is made beforehand.

The Coat And Its Care

On the first sight, it must be said of the Bouviers that they do have a thick coat that would need a fair bit of grooming to keep in order. It is the experienced of dog owners that would tend to take the correct care of the coat when this breed is concerned. A certain kind of unkempt appearance is a must to add to the mystery of the breed.

The maintenance of the coat would take up time and effort with the best of pet owners. So someone who is keen on keeping this breed of dogs must be prepared to go the extra mile in tending to the thick coat at most times. Thick coat may sometimes the breeding place of pests if not properly groomed. 

Temperament and its Management

With most dogs and particularly the larger breeds, it is very important that the temperament is managed properly.  Often the dog breed would tend to have its own set of characteristics. A lack of sufficient or proper attention could cause certain aspects of the behavior accentuated than the others. It could lead to situations when the calm dogs can take on a more aggressive stand and if not handled well in time, could create a harrowing time for the handlers.

The management of the temperament is very important when it comes to large breeds of dogs than the smaller breeds. If out of hand, the larger dogs can take a fair bit of handling to be brought under control. As far as Tree Removal Ipswich experts handling tree services requires temperament management as removing huge trees is indeed cautious. 

It must be said of the Des Flandres that they are by nature a very docile breed. The best situations are had when there are sufficient space and time for proper exercise and outdoor activity. Rarely have this breed of dogs turned to be hard to control and most children are at home playing with most of the breed members.

Would The Typical Apartment Life Suit The Des Flandres

If proper attention and particularly to the need to have sufficient exercise and proper exposure to the outdoors periodically, the Des Flandres can adjust perfectly well to the indoor lifestyle at anytime. A factor with the typical apartment life is that the dog must be provided the necessary space to be on its own and more so when it is in a carrying stage, when most animals tend to be rather lethargic than the normal.

It is important to understand the breed of dog and not just with the Des Flandres alone, before they are brought to the apartment lifestyles.