Training a dog is one of the key things that every dog owner should do. This is because you want to imprint certain virtues and tactics. While some dogs come when they are already trained, others will need you to start training them. When it comes to the Bouvier des Flandres, training is a must.

Tips On How To Train Your Bouvier Des Flandres

Teach them respect: as you may know, Bouvier des Flandres dogs have their minds. This can make it very difficult to teach them or even to get them to do an activity. Therefore, the best way is to establish who the alpha between the two of you is. When the dog disobeys your orders, use the appropriate methods to show them that you mean every word that you say.

Teach them what the word ‘no’ means: when a dog understands what the word no means, you can easily command them to stop something and they will. This means that from their childhood, you should use the term no anytime you do not want them to do something. If they are nipping at something, you can say no, followed by you grabbing that thing away from them. Using the word ‘NO’ with an action makes the learning process easier. Also, accompany your ‘NO’ with a body language, facial expressions, and gestures.

Make them interact with other animals while they are still young: it can be very hard to change a dog’s hostility against other dogs and other pets when they are already old. It is common knowledge that they can be hostile with other dogs. Early training to co-exist will teach them how to differentiate between friends and enemies.

Always use positive reinforcement: positive reinforcements are usually used when you want to encourage a behavior. Therefore, when the dog displays a behavior that is impressive, or they are putting to practice what you have been training them, make sure to reward them. You can praise them, give them treats, or play with them.

Do not forget about negative reinforcements: this is applicable when you want to discourage a certain behavior. When implementing negative reinforcement, ensure that the methods are safe and not harsh. You can use your voice, body language, or with the leash. Remember, you want to correct bad behavior and not to hurt the dog.

Set out specific times for different activities: when there are specific times set aside for various activities like exercising, there will be consistency. This means that the dog will master the times and they will know what to expect. Whether it is feeding time, exercising time, playing time, make a schedule for your dog. A routine is the best way to work with a dog.

You can put to use these few tips on how to train your Bouvier des Flandres, and you will have the best results. In as much as they may be hard to train, when you establish who the leader is, you will always have an easy time. These dogs are a pleasure to be around and especially when they are trained.