Training a dog is one of the key things that every dog owner should do. This is because you want to imprint certain virtues and tactics. While some dogs come when they are already trained, others will need you to start training them. When it comes to the Bouvier des Flandres, training is a must.

Tips On How To Train Your Bouvier Des Flandres

Teach them respect: as you may know, Bouvier des Flandres dogs have their minds. This can make it very difficult to teach them or even to get them to do an activity. Therefore, the best way is to establish who the alpha between the two of you is. When the dog disobeys your orders, use the appropriate methods to show them that you mean every word that you say.

Teach them what the word ‘no’ means: when a dog understands what the word no means, you can easily command them to stop something and they will. This means that from their childhood, you should use the term no anytime you do not want them to do something. If they are nipping at something, you can say no, followed by you grabbing that thing away from them. Using the word ‘NO’ with an action makes the learning process easier. Also, accompany your ‘NO’ with a body language, facial expressions, and gestures.

Make them interact with other animals while they are still young: it can be very hard to change a dog’s hostility against other dogs and other pets when they are already old. It is common knowledge that they can be hostile with other dogs. Early training to co-exist will teach them how to differentiate between friends and enemies.

Always use positive reinforcement: positive reinforcements are usually used when you want to encourage a behavior. Therefore, when the dog displays a behavior that is impressive, or they are putting to practice what you have been training them, make sure to reward them. You can praise them, give them treats, or play with them.

Do not forget about negative reinforcements: this is applicable when you want to discourage a certain behavior. When implementing negative reinforcement, ensure that the methods are safe and not harsh. You can use your voice, body language, or with the leash. Remember, you want to correct bad behavior and not to hurt the dog.

Set out specific times for different activities: when there are specific times set aside for various activities like exercising, there will be consistency. This means that the dog will master the times and they will know what to expect. Whether it is feeding time, exercising time, playing time, make a schedule for your dog. A routine is the best way to work with a dog.

You can put to use these few tips on how to train your Bouvier des Flandres, and you will have the best results. In as much as they may be hard to train, when you establish who the leader is, you will always have an easy time. These dogs are a pleasure to be around and especially when they are trained.

Raising pets, mainly dogs need more care as they give us extreme love and expect same from us. Few studies state that dogs were originally domesticated between 12,000 and 20,000 years ago and that all the dogs are evolved from wolves. And from that time people have taken care and bred more than 400 breeds of dogs of different sizes. Among these many breeds, the most preferred dogs are the non-pedigree dogs that are also known as mixed-breeds. The Bouvier des Flandres is also one of the most preferred dogs among dog owners.

Here are few interesting facts and care tips for Bouvier des Flandres owners:

Budget For Care of Your Bouvier des Flandres

For a year, the budget for raising your Bouvier des Flandres includes everything from toys and veterinary care cost to nutrition and license cost. This budget could vary between Three hundred and ninety dollars to eight hundred and fifty dollars. This budget doesn’t include that capital costs for spay surgery and a doggie crate. It is always required to be sure that you have purchased all the items for your Bouvier des Flandres dog before getting it to your home for the first time.

Feeding Plan to your Bouvier Des Flandres Feeding Routine

Food diet of Bouvier Des Flandres depends on their age. For Bouvier des Flandres pups that are of age between 8 weeks to 12 weeks old, it require having four meals per day. Whereas,

Bouvier des Flandres puppies that are of age between 3 months to 6 months old require only 3 meals per day. For Bouvier des Flandres puppies that are of six months to one year old, need 2 meals per day. After completion of the first birthday, Bouvier des Flandres need just only 1 feeding for every 24 hours. However, Bouvier des Flandres sometimes prefer two lighter bowls per day rather than only heavy bowl per day. So, It is your responsibility to know and learn your Bouvier des Flandres eating schedule.

Generally, High-quality dry food is considered as a preferred diet for adult Bouvier des Flandres and you can mix it with canned food, broth or water. Bouvier des Flandres mostly likes to consume cottage cheese, fruits, cooked eggs, and vegetables. But these additional food items should be less than 10% of the dog’s daily food allowance. It is better to limit and sometimes not to keep people food for Bouvier des Flandres as they can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies in them. Even keeping people food regularly can lead bone and tissue issues and also to obesity.

Make your Bouvier des Flandres to Exercise Daily

Having daily exercise avoid Bouvier des Flandres to suffer from serious health issues like obesity. It helps them to stay in shape and to be healthy. Daily exercises avoid boredom for Bouvier des Flandres as boredom can lead to naughty behavior in dogs. Having some playtime outside would curb many of your Bouvier des Flandres’ instinctual urges to chase, dig and retrieve. Type of activities and time for it depend on your Bouvier des flandres’s age and health condition. However, a 20 minutes’ walk in the street every day is compulsory for the health of your dog, irrespective of its age.  

By following all the above-mentioned care tips, it is also compulsory to contact your veterinarian to be sure that your Bouvier des Flandres has all the necessary vaccinations and it is 100% protected from all the health hazards.

Bouvier des Flandres dog is one of the most impressive breeds of dogs which is well known for its quiet, good and pleasant nature. This dog is not considered fully grown until the age of two or three years. It stays cute and small for more years compared to other breed dogs. Compared to other dogs, Bouvier des Flandres dogs are very easy to train. Some people say that once these dogs are taught something, then they will never forget that learned command.

The features of male Bouvier des Flandres are as follows:

Its weight ranges from 60 to 90 lbs and it could grow till the height of 35 inches.

The features of female Bouvier Des Flandres are as follows:

Its weight ranges from 60 to 90 lbs same as male Bouvier Des Flandres but it could grow till only the height of 25 inches.

These Bouvier des dogs generally have floppy ears. Coming to the Characteristics of Bouvier Flandres dog, their length would be just average and their grooming needs are high compared to other breeds. Flandres dogs generally require at least 40 minutes exercise per day to lead a healthy life. Their energy Level probably is high and their longevity generally range from 11 years to 12 years.

They usually have low tendency to snore and low tendency to bark, This Bouvier des dog maximum grow to 27 inches high and maximum weigh as much as 95 pounds that are of 43 kilograms. This Bouvier des Flandres dog has a rough outer coat and also a dense undercoat and this offers great protection for dogs in harsh weather. The most special and attractive feature for this Bouvier des Flandres dog is its hairy head and it looks adorable and cute with soft hairy beard, mustache and shaggy eyebrows. It also has triangular ears that are set high on the head and that are cropped. The tail of this dog is usually docked. The back of this dog looks quite short but the legs are very strong and muscular. This Bouvier des Flandres dog comes in many varieties of colors including gray color, fawn color, and black color and most popularly in brindle and salt-and-pepper color. Some of these dogs have a white marking on the chest. The breed lifespan generally ranges from 10 years to 12 years.

Despite the big size, these Bouvier des Flandres dogs are very calm and docile. These Bouvier des Flandres dogs can get really good with other animals if raised along with them. if not, some could be aggressive toward other dogs. Although this Bouvier is not a guard dog breed, it will be loyal to its family and be an excellent watchdog. Though this dog is not very active inside the home, it can adjust easily to urban living, if it is given regular walks. To be away from harmful health problems like bloating, this Bouvier des Flandres should have the sleep of at least for an hour or two hours after its every meal.

This breed is considered as a best family friendly dog. This Bouvier Flandres dog special feature is that it takes nearly two to three years to grow physically and also to mature mentally, whereas remaining dog just takes a year.